Lauren Roberts

Photograph by Lauren Roberts

Show up for yourself
and your dreams.
Every day.

Even when
you are scared
you don’t want to
you don’t feel like it.

Even when you want to do anything else.
When you know it’s what you should do —
and your inner voice rebels,
and yells HELL NO
not now
some other time

When I’m more put together.
When I’m better prepared.
When I’ve lost some weight.
When I’ve put in more time.
When I’ve learned more.
When I’ve finalized my perfect plan.
When I have more money.
When I have it all figured out.
When I have proof it’s all going to work out.

Then, maybe
not today.

But wait.

In that moment,
before you get any of the things
you think you need,

In that moment,
in this moment,
now is the time to act.



Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

Consumption isn’t going to cut it,
not if you want an amazing life.

It’s time to
turn off the TV,
sucking years of your time.

Quit mindlessly eating,
imagining you will be filled.

Give up scrolling on social media,
thinking you will find life there.

Stop staring into the refrigerator,
looking for answers.

Enough with the numbing out,
with the distractions,
with the avoidance,
with the repression.

Enough consumption,
of media,
of news,
of food,
of drugs,
of alcohol,
of information,
of social media,
of entertainment,
even, of art.

Now is the time to create.

Your self,
your life,
your art,
it’s all yours for the creating.

But create it, you must.



Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

I will keep writing and
seeing what comes
and then I will find
where the happiness sums.

The result of all language
that’s thought in my head,
the hope that the next day
will bring far less dread.

But what do you wait for,
and when will you leap?
The feeling that wakes you,
at times, from your sleep.

The sense that there’s something
you long ago knew,
that might just be different
from how you up grew.

What would the change be,
what newly revealed?
What if your own heart
could be fully healed?



A tale of tube squeezes

Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash

I wrote a poem about finishing a tube
of toothpaste.
I shouldn’t say I wrote, because I only
thought it up,
but never wrote it down.

The poem—
such as it isn’t—
was going to be about the pride that
I felt upon finishing things.

The irony is not lost on me,
like the dozens of half-used tubes
of toothpaste and other potions
that are squirreled away, somewhere

Tonight, I was reminded
of the poem I never wrote,
when I got to the bottom
of my tube of toothpaste and
felt pride.



Lauren Roberts

Lauren Roberts

thinker, philosopher, gamer, and former tech lawyer writing books, novels and screenplays while trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up