Success demands that you begin again and again.

photo by Lauren Roberts

Bye, bye streak! Hello, progress!

But yesterday, I technically broke my Medium publication streak. Instead of self-publishing on Medium yesterday (as I have been doing), I submitted two pieces to publications. Because those publications need time to review and accept the pieces, nothing was published to the public-facing side of my Medium account. That’s technically a failure.

Photo by Valentin Antonucci from Pexels

Even in a pandemic—especially in a pandemic—we should hold fast to our sense of wonder.

Artwork by Lauren Roberts

You—Yes, You

What if you stopped for a moment, in complete and utter amazement, and considered the amazing fact that…

You, and you alone, have an extraordinary power.

Artwork by Lauren Roberts (“DOGE TO THE MOON”)

Here’s What My Self-Victimization Looked Like

I constantly had divided focus: part on my self, my life, my work, my actions, but mostly those things I could do on autopilot. I could get the things done, handle…

Sometimes when we need other people, we are most likely to push them away.

artwork by Lauren Roberts

You don’t need to be soul-crushingly strict for your planning to be insanely effective in moving your life forward.

photograph by Lauren Roberts

Lauren Roberts

thinker, philosopher, gamer, and former tech lawyer writing books, novels and screenplays while trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up

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